Tayeb Salih

Tayeb Salih Mansi


A Rare Man in His Own Way

Tayeb Salih

Übersetzung: Adil Babikir

Banipal Books
Sprache: Englisch
1. Auflage (2020)
Klappenbroschur, 172 Seiten
ISBN 9780995636989
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Tayeb Salih is internationally known for his classic novel Season of Migration to the North. With humour, wit and erudite poetic insights, Salih shows another side in this affectionate memoir of his exuberant and irrepressible friend Mansi Yousif Bastawrous, sometimes known as Michael Joseph and sometimes as Ahmed Mansi Yousif. Playing Hardy to Salih's Laurel Mansi takes centre stage among memorable 20th-century arts and political figures, including Samuel Beckett, Margot Fonteyn, Omar Sharif, Arnold Toynbee, Richard Crossman and even the Queen, but always with Salih's poet »Master« al-Mutanabbi ready with an adroit comment.