Petra Krusell (Ed.)

Petra Krusell (Ed.) Bernard Wittmann: Letters from Kurdistan 1954-1963

Bernard Wittmann: Letters from Kurdistan 1954-1963

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Bernard Witt­mann: Engineer, family man, erstwhile concen­t­ra­tion camp prisoner, and dili­gent writer of letters. In a time that appears closer to the era of carrier pigeons than that of the phone and yet is barely half a lifetime past,
Witt­mann built roads, bridges, and friendship in Iraqi Kurdistan. No socio­lo­gical or histo­rical bias and no political agenda gets in Witt­mann's way to enter this alien society: He makes do with strong nerves, reading Karl May's adven­ture novels, and common sense to grasp and appre­ciate Kurdistan. Then comes the 1958 revo­lu­tion, the Barzani insur­rec­tion, coups. War in Kurdistan! Soon neigh­bo­riong villages are obli­te­rated and the road construc­tion camp is stuck between the fronts and gets under fire, too. Witt­mann's letters home oscil­late between idyll and abyss, between panic and the attempt to not upset his family. Thus grasping for objec­ti­vity, but stuck in a very German and subjec­tive way, is created the picture of a society that then still seemed so incon­ceiv­ably far away.

»The Letters from Kurdistan belog among the best of reports and narra­tives from this country.« (Süddeut­sche Zeitung)